allergy log template

Allergy Log Template

Allergy Logs or Allergy Record Sheets

An allergy log is a very important document that one should keep with them at all times. This is because you might be allergic to something and consume it, or touch it, leading to a very terrible reaction. This reaction can be very extreme that it can cause death.

An allergy is precisely a damaging immune reaction that the body makes in response to a substance, usually a certain type of food, pollen, fur, plus dust. The body tends to become hypersensitive to these things. You can tell that allergies are no doubt very disturbing especially to the individual who experiences them. An allergy log is important as you can record the specific allergies that you have. In this way, you yourself, as well as others, can know when you are experiencing an allergic reaction.

You can make an allergy log how you please, but one idea how to make one will be described in this document.

You can make a table whereby in the columns section you can write what happens to you when you get an allergy, for example, a rash, itching, sweating, running nose, hives, difficulty in breathing, constipation, scratchy throat, change in facial color, cramping as well as diarrhea. In the rows section, you can write the name of the things that people usually get an allergy from, for example from animals, medications, the environment, cleaning products, foods, and drinks. Under these main headings, you can place sub-headings. For example, under the animals heading you can write cats, insects, others. After this, you tick the precise box, for example, if you get a rash from touching a cat you will click this box.

Many free allergy log templates can be found online. Choose any and start filling it today.


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Allergy Log Template

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