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Weekly College Schedule Template

College Task Schedules & Pre-Design Templates

When you take admission in the college you have to select some subject and for every subject here are some credit hours assigned which you have to complete within the college premises taking lessons or doing other activities. The number of credits means how much time you spend in the class and it is often multiplied three times to give you a figure that how much time you spend outside the class doing your associated subject work like research, completing assignments or writing papers, it means the class with 2 credit hours allows you 6 hours for outside study.

A 2 credit hour class is usually scheduled in the following manner

  • 45 minutes class thrice a week
  • 1-hour class meets twice a week or
  • 2-hour class once a week

A general rule for a full-time student is that he has to take a minimum of 12 credit hour for a subject per semester  and 15 credit hours per subject per semester to complete a degree course, the time breakage is different for different institution and circumstances. An additional study period also takes 15 to 25 hours.

A college student usually takes more than one subject to complete the graduation and for every subject, he has to manage the timing. For this, he has to draw a calendar shape timetable labeling the days of the week and subject or timings. He can now fill the table according to the assigned dates and timings, with the given tasks, this will complete a weekly schedule.

If it seems difficult to draft your own calendar, the students could take help from the weekly schedule templates. These online timetable templates are pre-designed with editing option to write your own weekly schedule in an organized manner.

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Weekly College Schedule Template

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