staff count sheet template

Staff Count Sheet


Staff count sheets are used to track the employees. It consists of the names of the employee sorted into the group rendering to the departments, and headings such as date and day, shift number, part time or full time, starting time and ending time. The sheet obliges the purpose of keeping a bird’s eye over the performance and attendance of the employee in various departments. It is comparable to the attendance sheets, we come across in college and schools which are produced to check whether the student is punctual or not.

Staff count sheets hold significant importance in those businesses which pay wages on the hourly basis or piece-rate wage system. It helps business to supervise an employee, according to the information printed on the list.

Staff count sheet formats can vary from organization to organization. But the sheet is designed in the application called as Microsoft excel. The very basic format for constructing a count sheet is.

First of all, type the name of the organization and the department for which the sheet is being made. Choose the first column and name it whit the heading of Names. Choose the second column and name it accordingly, repeat the process till the headings are finalized. Print the sheet and use it to your desire. One may use it for headcount or for the wage payment.

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Staff Count Sheet Template

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