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Secret Santa Gift Exchange List

Christmas Eve & Santa Gifts

Want to do something unique well you can always download a free Secret Santa Gift Exchange List template to arrange a gift list exchange game. Secret Santa is a Christmas ritual in which associates of a group or community have matched a person to without planning whom they unspecifically give a gift. So, you can download a free Secret Santa template for gift list so you can mention the name of the person that will receive a gift from another member of the family or friend.

This tradition is often performed in offices or between large households; participation in it is mostly optional. It offers a way for many people to give and receive a gift at very low expenses (that can range from $10 to $50) since the other gifting tradition is for each person to buy gifts for every other person. In this way, the Secret Santa tradition also promotes gift exchange groups whose members may not be able to participate in the alternative tradition of giving presents to everyone else.

To start you will need to select the names of the people that you will assign the gift to without any particular order. You can use a free online service like (the true random number service) and then use the List Randomize to obtain the list of participants.

There are multiple things you can enter and modify once you get a template installed in your PC. You can update and modify the List Name and can even make a list of people who have included in any specific happening. You can also make notes on and discuss the basic investment in the template to avoid money wastage. Most importantly you can construct and manage the list.

Download your file below.

Secret Santa Gift Exchange List Template

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