Run Chart Sample

Control Charts

A run chart monitors the conduct of a variable over time. It is used for a process graphically displaying trends, shifts, cycles, or haphazard patterns this run chart exhibits in behavior over time. Run charts can serve two purposes

  • It identifies problems and when the problem occurred
  • It screens progress when solutions are applied
  • They display a pattern of data which show deviations as you make alterations
  • They direct you for improvement and guide you about the value of significant changes


  • Simple to execute
  • No statistical training is required
  • Displays simple data

For a run chart, product, service, or process are the resources whose analysis has to be done. A reasonable period of time is the other deviator which is calibrated with a control chart.

A dimension error indicates that the measurement process is adequate in the data collection process. The data is stored in chronological or consecutive order. The starting and ending point is of your choice. At least 25 samples are used to apply the procedure. Ordered pairs of x and y values are determined. The values for x characterize time or sequence number, and the values for y signify the product measurement. The Y versus X value is plotted with a standard scale. Vertical lines are plotted for the x values for separate time intervals.

If you find the all above-mentioned procedure complex then just switch to a free template download of a run chart with customizable tabs to draft your run chart exactly as you need.

Download your file below.

Run Chart Template

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