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Moving Inventory List

Moving Inventory Sheets

A moving inventory list is a practical option for keeping home and office moves systematically. The columns are drawn with complete customizable options for every room in the house or office. In addition, supplemental blocks are available for additional notes. With no charge now you can pack or unpack your items with a sigh of relief!

Add the corporate logo with the full name, address, phone number and e-mail address to give the list a specialized look. Add at the top of the spreadsheet the name, phone number and contact information for the moving company. Add columns that match to the moving home or office requirements. It should include:

  • a column for the room or area in the home or business the item being packed is from
  • a brief item description, make and model, serial or identification number
  • Date purchased and purchase cost.
  • pictures of expensive items, in an appropriate column
  • A column representing the box number the item is being packed in

Effectively Using the Moving Inventory List enlists the following

  • Add a column labeling the new location room where the item has to be placed.
  • Various text boxes for note taking on specific items or rooms.
  • Mention the address where the inventory is being relocated to with complete information
  • Add a column for unpacked items to avoid misplacing.

A detailed and organized moving inventory list will give you easy accessibility to each of your items. This downloaded sheet will assure complete freedom of being tangled up in finding miscellaneous items with no cost.

Download your file below.

Moving Inventory List Template

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