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Movie Shot List

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Movie shot list is a paperwork that lists and labels the shots to be recorded all through basic photography. No need to make a set arrangement for the shots list; however, we suggest one method that you can handle it more easily.

Basically, the shot list is predominantly teamwork concerning director and cinematographer, as they turn and agree on the preeminent way to express the story visually. With reference of this, the most important thing is a storyboard which makes making the shot list stress-free. In fact, a storyboard is a group or collection of imaginings that display the angle and kind of every shot, besides this, the detail of the relevant characters and things are in the frame.

Basically, for movie shot list the importance of the storyboard is a must as it gives a chance to the director and cinematographer to create a shot in their mind and reach a decision on where the camera goes. As soon as you have that settlement, you can place the storyboard in front of you and simply make the shot list from it. In this way, the storyboard is way more complicated and time-consuming than the shot list.

There is also a different sort of storyboard. Actually, this board has not as much of highlighting in the drawing, however, more text. You can understand the scene number, background info, alongside this a little bit of explanation concerning the action and dialogue.

Shot List for Reminder:

It’s significant to take into contemplation the following features:

  • Role or characters in the shot
  • Kind of shot
  • Movement of camera
  • Most important actions
  • Main items

Movie Shot List Template

Movie shot list

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