Employee Orientation Checklist

Employee Orientation & Excel Format Template

Orientation also known as an induction is the process that introduces inexperienced and new employees to the organization. Giving training and additional assistance during the start period of employment is really very much important irrespective of the age of the employee. This is because they are not much familiar with the organization and its norms. During this time, each of the workers generates the skills, knowledge, and abilities that required to work in a healthy and safer manner.

The training shall always be given to the employees when they have recently transferred to the job or to the work areas they are not familiar with. This is where employee orientation checklist is of so much importance.

An employee orientation checklist provides you with the detailed chart that tells the areas to be covered, the description and whether the orientation has been completed or not. This helps you in the management of the orientation in the best way possible. You get to write down all the areas that are to be covered and then write the description after each of the area so that you know what the employee has to learn and then you can tick YES or NO in the completed column so that you get to know what areas are covered until now and what are left to be covered.

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Employee Orientation Checklist

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