Defect Tracking Log


For any business, it is important that they make the best products in the market and that their customers and their clients are satisfied by them. Many times the products or the merchandise they sell comes out defected, this isn’t because the business intended it to be like this but somehow due to the machinery or human error, this happened. It is the job of a business or an organization to make sure that it has tracked all the defects from the start of the supply chain to the end so that no defected piece goes in the hands of the customer. If this happens, a business may lose the customer that it tried so hard to get. For this, an organization must keep a defect tracking log.


A defect tracking log is a log which enables a business to maintain the details of the defected piece or product. since many businesses don’t have the time to make the log from scratch, they use a template, this template contains various columns and rows in which the details regarding the product (such as the product id, color, date and time of manufacture, place of manufacture and etc.) are mentioned along with the details about the defect that has been noticed (such as the exact defect, what caused it, who noticed it, when was it noticed and etc.).

Many times many organizations fail to mention important details in the log such as to whom is the log to be submitted to. Without this detail, the whole purpose of the log is moot.

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