Breakeven Calculator Template

Breakeven calculator can be used by the person for his recently started business in order to check whether a particular product would be financially feasible to produce or not. It analyzes both production and selling of the new product.

This is a very common calculator which is used in almost every solid business plan. The formulas used in this calculator are very simple, however; the difficulty in calculations can be seen in projected sales, selecting the suitable sales price and calculating the fixed and variable costs.

These tasks are operated by the owner of the business. The break-even calculator helps the person running his business smoothly.

The break-even calculator is very simple spreadsheet template which has three worksheets in it to solve break-even units, breakeven price, and payback period. With all these three worksheets, you can evaluate the simple break-even equation.

The breakeven points are solved by this spreadsheet quickly. Moreover, the number of units is also solved by this calculator.

The formulas which have been used in this calculator are based on the model of linear cost volume. The spreadsheet template also uses the breakeven charts which shows these points as the point of intersection of the total revenue and total cost when they are plotted on the graph.

You can easily find the formula in it, however; the most commonly used formula is the one which calculates the breakeven units. The breakeven units may also mean the number of units which you may have to sell in order to cover the cost.


Breakeven calculator template


Breakeven CalculatorTemplate

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