Bill payment schedule template

Bill Payment Schedule

Managing your bill with a bill payment schedule

Every time you have been late paying your bill, it is surely not because you did not have the money, but because you simply forgot about it. This is what happens with the majority of the people as they totally just forget to pay the bill because they have not managed their bills with a bill payment schedule. If you have a busy life and you want to know when to pay your bill, then a bill payment schedule is a must for you. There are various ways where you can manage paying your bill with a bills payment schedule.

  • The first step is to create a list of all the bills that are due. Next to each bill write the day that it is due on. If there is no due date on the bill, then you can leave it blank.
  • The second step is to determine 2 days in the month that you will be paying your bills. The reason it is recommended 2 days so that you are not burdened on the first of the month. This divides the burden and allows you to allocate your expenses easily.
  • The third step is to arrange all the bill by their due dates. Assuming that you get the pay on the first of the month, you so can take all the bill due on the 22nd and pay them on the 15th and on the 1st of the month, you can pay the bills that are due from 1st week until the third week.


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Bill Payment Schedule

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