Allergy Trigger & Symptom Table Template

Allergy Trigger and Symptom Table

Allergies and Useful Information

If you suffer from many allergies or even a few, it is a good idea to have an Allergy Trigger and Symptom Table. This could be kept on so that you can record what allergies you have and the symptoms that result from them. This table will be helpful if you get an allergic reaction when you are out, the person with you or around you can consult that table to know that you are suffering from an allergic reaction.

When making or downloading one of these tables it is essential that they contain some information. It needs to contain:

  • The things that make you have an allergy
  • The symptoms that you get from that particular allergy

You can download one for free that can have the symptoms listed at the top. In the columns, you will list the symptoms that occur from allergic reactions. The symptoms can include running nose, hives, rash, your facial color changing, scratchy throat, itching, your face swelling, cramping, difficulty in breathing, constipation as well as diarrhea. These are the most common symptoms that one gets from an allergic reaction.

In the rows, you will include the things that make you get an allergy i.e. the allergy triggers. You can have main headings with sub-heading so that it makes it easier for the person who is reading it, or you can list the things randomly. An example can be, the main heading will be medicines, under this you can have subheading that will be a lesser font. You can list down antibiotics, anesthetics, etc.

It is vital to have one of these tables as it can save your life and make your loved ones less tense when they see you getting an allergic reaction.

Download your file below.

Allergy Trigger & Symptom Table Template

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